Sunday, October 10, 2004


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I got my first commission yesterday! I had some of my models out for display during a city-wide "studio tour". The tour happens once a year and all the artists in Greensboro open their doors to the public. My dad is a sculptor in Greensboro, so he let me set up a small display at his shop. Anyway, a lady came in and thought that my Cartoon Mouse was just too cute. But, she said she wanted it to be more cat-proof than just out of thin paper. So I made her one about twice as big out of Canson Art Paper, and wet-folded it. For those of you who don't know what wet-folding is, its when you use much thicker paper and get it soggy with water, adn fold it wet. Then when you're almost done, you put it under a heat gun and it dries hard. It's an interesting technique that lends more permanancy to a model, but is about 10 times more frustrating. I was able to get some shots of it before I had to give it to her and *lucky you can check them out right here!


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