Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Western Pond Turtle (front)

Western Pond turtle(front)s
Originally uploaded by OrigamiKid.
It was my first timw making this model, so it took me about 10 hours. Most of that time was spent tdoing the precreasing for the shell, which required me to divide the paper up into 78ths. For the extra careful observer, you may notice that I changed the back feet from the original model. This is because I didn't realize until the very end that the back feet wouold be the color of the opposite side of the paper. This modification gives the entire one color, and slightly more of a web-like look for the back feet. I hope Mr. Lang can forgive me 8-O.

Western Pond Turtle (back)

Western Pond turtle(back)s
Originally uploaded by OrigamiKid.
This model was designed by Robert J. Lang, and folded by myself. I stared with about a 15" square piece of paper and the model itself is about 5" long.